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This form allows you to make your query in ordinary English, without needing to use any of the search engine syntax. Please enter your search request in the box below:

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Search Tips

  1. AND searches
       example: medical and dental
  2. OR searches
       example: medical or dental
  3. Use quotation marks for exact phrase
       example: "medical malpractice"
  4. Use /10/ for matches within 10 words (note: this only works for the number 10)
       example: medical /10/ malpractice
       The example above searches for medical within 10 words of malpractice.
  5. Use // for matches within the same paragraph
       example: medical // malpractice
       The example above searches for medical within the same paragraph as malpractice.
  6. When setting up your search, be sure to select Panel Opinions where offered to see precedential opinions. Because of Rule 30(a), you cannot cite to single judge decisions.
  7. From the results list, click on the primary link to see an HTML rendering of the document. Your search terms will be highlighted in yellow.
  8. When viewing a document, click on the word [Download] in the upper left of the screen to see the original PDF or Word Perfect document.